Chris is the lead singer of the aptly named Chris McCarty Band.

He has played Gator Growl, Florida/GA, presidential rallies, oh, and the single for his latest album was just licensed by EA. It's In The Game.

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It would be really convenient if we had some amazing story, or some master plan.

It would read so well, if we'd woken up, after a dream, in which Troy Smith and Chris Leak were in a cage match, battling it out, thunderdome style, when suddenly Tim Tebow jumped in off of the top rope.* Oh, and Steve Spurrier plays the Tina Turner role. Songs, Tights, and all.

I bet Steve can sing.

How great would it be if-- covered in sweat, we jumped out of bed, er, our separate beds, and said "I have an idea!"

The truth of the matter is, we just thought it'd be fun.

We're not really the "Kill all the Buckeyes" or "Kill all the Gators" type of people. Sports are fun. Rivalry is fun. Toe-May-Toe. Toe-Mah-Toe.

When your instinct is to execute order 66 just because someone's colors don't match your own, then maybe you should spend less time in bleachers and more time in therapy.

Chances are, if your school had rejected you, and your hated school had given you a degree, you'd be singing their songs, right?


* No, they don't have ropes in cage matches. And yes, it'd be cheating.
Daniel is the lead singer of the aptly named Daniel Aguel.

The point is that he doesn't have a band (Yet). But he does sing. And write songs.

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