Did you know this was the law? I didn't know this was the law.

I skimmed your letter, and didn't notice the "singular form" bit. My mistake.

Sure, I have no problem taking the 'Gator' shirts down, and cancelling the outstanding orders. I did that when I received the -first- letter. I'm not attempting to be difficult, whatsoever, I promise. I didn't think I was infringing upon UF, because I never said UF, or used the word Gators in their font, or anything. I didn't realize that they could patent a color scheme. Or the word Gator. It is somewhat appropriate (and hysterical) that the court ruling is called "Smack". It would only be better of the Plaintiff's name had been "Nocrayola".

I do have one question, I live in Gainesville (I grew up here) and there are no shortage of businesses called "Gator [business name]"... just pick a business name, and there is a store, who has prefixed as such. GatorPets, GatorNails, I've never been (but your letter gives me the impression that I might), but I bet the jail is called "GatorJail".

My question is, do all these businesses have license agreements with the CLC as well? What would I have to do to get one?

One other question, when you say you "request" an accounting of sales and a statement of inventory, that gives me the impression that I have the option to say "No." Is that true? Or is it really a "demand"? I'm just curious.

Please, don't mistake my tone for disrespect. I have every intent to follow with the letter of the law and whatnot, but since they never explained "Trademark Infringement" in my undergrad english program, I haven't learned a lot about it, and while I have your ear, I'd love to learn as much as I can, so that I don't infringe, again.

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